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We would like to introduce collies from our team. They are part of our families. For more information, please click on the picture. 

♥ Our males ♥

ICh. Asan Fellow of Eternity

ICh. Damien Black Amnis Rhei

JCh. Davidoff Fellow of Eternity

JCh. Tinky Winky Zelené tuje

♥ Our females 

ICh. Samantha Sue Zelene tuje

Fantaisie D'Amour Baska's Collies

Melina vom Traumland Woblitz-See

georgiana avatar3

Georgiana Fellow of Eternity


 ♥ Studdogs from our breeding available in kennels abroad 

studdogs Bon James Bond en studdogs Camembert en studdogs Cicero en studdogs Debussy en studdogs Fernet stock en