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Character of Collie Rough

Not only collie looks elegant and imposing but also because of its character, collie is considered as nobility of dogs. The collie is intelligent, sensitive and acute very much. The collie has harmonious and peaceful character. It is also faithful, frank and always affectionate. The collie loves children and watches over them carefully. It has a considerable amount of perseverance, so it is tolerant as to various children’s be­havior, for the collie is attentive and loving. The collie belongs to one of the best dogs to keep at home. The collie has a strongly developed sense of family; the collie is happy where all the family is gathered. This kind of dog is never nervous or aggressive. Because collie is faithful to its owner and family, it is still very capable of a watchdog. It behaves carefully to foreign people and distinguished whether is should accept them or not. The collie is joyful – the collie has sense of humor.

kolia dlhosrsta povaha

The collie belongs to kind of dogs that are less difficult to keep, it learns easily, quickly and joyfully. However it does not like receiving rough treatment physically and psychologically, the collie immediately understands when you show it your unpleasant look. When you go for a walk with it, the collie shows its loyalty to the owner by not running far from him, it always observes him. The collie does not demand unceasing attention; this fact is different from other kind of dogs. There is no ground of truth if one is too much afraid taking care of its coat.

The collie is created very friendly and conscious. It can be faithful to every one who knows and accepts it.


MVDr. Stanislava Zubrická