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Collie rough puppies with FCI pedigree


In case of your interest in puppy from us, we recommend to contact us on e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in advance due to big interest of people in puppy from our breeding. The puppies live in a close contact with our family since they are born (inhouse), so we can fully focus on their right physical and psychical development. In our breeding we use only HD free & CEA/PRA/kat. free collies with a good size. We do not modify or glue ears in our breeding. In 99% cases, matings are natural, whelping is natural, and 100% of our females are great mothers.... :)

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You can watch movies from puppytime in our kennel. New owners are with us in contact - you can look at our offsprings and their photos from new home:

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What does it mean to have collie puppy from us?

To have puppies is like Christmas for us. We are not a big collie rough kennel and we we do not plan to breed many puppies every year. Therefore, if we decide to have new collie puppies, we plan every single litter very carefully to make sure that we mate best two collies (mother-father), which we possibly could at that moment.

Healthy puppies

 kolia dlhosrsta steniatka chovatelska stanica f vrh 27Primarly, we want to breed HEALTHY collie puppies. As we are the ones who plan them and help them come to life, we feel responsible for them and their lives even after they leave to their new homes. Therefore, when planing new puppies and choosing right dogs, we primarily focus on health of the collie who are going to be mated.

Based on this, we mate only a bitch and a stud dog which have undergone full health examination with excellent and free results. Therefore, we primarily take into consideration their health results especially the medical condition of their hips (HD) and eyes, not their achievements from dog shows.

Another criteria, when choosing a stud dog, is a suitable pedigree with great bloodlines and friendly, well-balanced character. Only then we consider the achievements from dogshows and trophies won at dogshows. Besides, we still check the dog, we care about our own judgement against the breed standard.

The distance we would have to travel to get the stud dog is the very last one we consider.

Puppies’ regime and enviroment at our kennel

We provide 24 hours care for all our puppies. From the very first moment they are born we look after them and their mother throughout the day and night, we regurally check on them, weigh them, we monitor their progress, opening their eyes, making first steps and most importantly we dearly love every each of them. We try to keep the nursing as natural as possible especially if the mother is doing very well. The mother with her puppies stays with us all the time. The puppies gradually get used to our routine, children, electric appliances and other domestic animals. After they are born, many people come to cuddle with them, especially kids from our big family. If the weather is good, they spend much time outside in our garden to get used to outdoor life.

We spend with them every single minute we can so the new owners get collies ready for independent life.

55w c litter fellow of eternity 9Puppies are dewormed, vaccinated, they have FCI pedigree, PetPas and a microchip implant. We have them tested for DM and MDR, if it is possible, also PRA. When selling a puppy, we sign Buy Sell Agreement with the new owners. They also get a basic start-up kit – blanket as well as toys with smell of the mother and the siblings – and the life breeding service. If you need an advice on suitable dog food or gear, help with training or you need us to watch the dog while you travel for holidays, we are here for you. We will always remember all the dogs we have breeded as „our litlle puppies“  who we always love and we welcome if the new owners to stay in touch. We greatly appreaciate if our relationship does not end when the Buy Sell Agreement has been signed.

Our puppies and dog shows

n vrh fellow of eternity 2We ask every buyer in closer knowledge, whether he would be interested in trying shows with puppy. We also remark, that this is not priority for us.

Also beautiful and perspective puppy into breeding we will get into family, that has not great show and breeding plans – but when we see that they will love him and that it will be having a great time. Of course, because we plan puppies regarding future possible breeding and we  combine only collies with great european pedigrees and we take part in shows in several European states, we are very glad if new owners take interest in shows (eventually next breeding). In that case we will support them very gladly and help them as we could – from theoretical informations, training of the puppy or presentation right on the show.

If you are interested in collie puppy

2w collie rough puppies h litter 9In the case of interest about buying a puppy of  collie rough you can contact us anytime.

Here you can read also more about us.


Dr. Katarína Schmiesterová
Fellow of Eternity - collie rough kennel