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We would like to introduce our males - Stud Dogs in our kennel. They are available for matings only to serious and responsible breeders and quality bitches. Our males have fantastic characters, living in family, not a kennel! Males are HD, ED, eyes free with a good size. We do not glue ears and we prefer natural mating. Click on photo and see more about the dog. 

ICh. Asan Fellow of Eternity

ICh. Damien Black Amnis Rhei

davidoff fellow of eternity 3ravatar

Imperial Gold Fellow of Eternity

espresso nase psy2

Luxury Sky Fellow of Eternity

espresso nase psy2

Espresso Fellow of Eternity

ikonka hilfiger

Hilfiger Fellow of Eternity

davidoff fellow of eternity 3ravatar

JCh. Davidoff Fellow of Eternity

ikonka frederic chopin

Frederic Chopin Fellow of Eternity


Studdogs from our breeding available in kennels abroad 

studdogs Bon James Bond en studdogs Camembert en studdogs Cicero en studdogs Debussy en studdogs Fernet stock en


♥ Our veteran 

JCh. Tinky Winky Zelené tuje